How ReluTech Stands Out

At ReluTech, the culture is focused around growing yourself to become better, personally and professionally. Whether it be charity events, professional meetups, or public speaking opportunities, the company is focused on providing every employee with the ability to develop themselves for the better….

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Inside ReluTechRyan Madore
Getting to the Cloud

A considerable amount of my life has been spent on an airplane. Having a father that works at a major airline in Atlanta gave me the opportunity to see the world in a different way; from above – in the clouds. I find it to be a funny coincidence that my career is also helping others get into the cloud…

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MBBSHelen Kim
The Life of a Full Time Working Mom

My blog could be written in one sentence:  work/life balance doesn’t actually exist anymore, you just learn how to manage.

Approximately two months ago, I walked away from a leadership role at a Fortune 16 company to embark on a career here at ReluTech as their Director of Sales.  When I tell you that going from corporate America to a company with 54 employees was a major change, I’d be…

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Maintenance Contract Terms

If you have ever signed a maintenance renewal contract with the OEM you have experienced this. Once you submit your signed renewal, you are then locked into that contract for the term of your agreement with no flexibility that aligns with your future IT changes that may or may not be planned. ReluTech 3rd party maintenance is the solution to this problem, and we have implemented several contract terms that gives you, the customer, complete control of your future.

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Let Success Be Your Noise

By its very definition “the state of feeling certain about the truth,” confidence can grab the attention of your audience just enough for you to earn the right to speak about your solution and how it relates to the problem they’re faced with.

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